Thursday, July 19, 2012

God can use little one's to witness!

Our children will shape the future and we shape what is important now by what we give attention to. God is our beginning and our end - He is the first and the last. Witnessing and testifying - reaching out is primary in His Kingdom. Mandela Day celebrations at Midrand SAPS 18 July 2012.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fwd: Here are the photos! .......... from Mamaruthi

date21 July 2011 19:04
subjectHere are the photos! .......... from Mamaruthi

Dear Charmain, thank you for your hard work!   Here I send some photos of you.

Thank you!
From Mamaruthi

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

GiG's Vision for the school to aid and prevent addiction and Dysfunctional lives


The visionary has been doing rehabilitation from all sorts of addictions, working with dysfunctional families, individuals etc, and facilitating them using own resources for years ,which has laid a foundation of the extent of the problem in society today. The visionary is dedicated to the prevention of dysfunctionality in society by teaching people to have faith in God and to believe His Word. Currently the visionary is running a pre-school in order to equip parents, building a community to support this project and housing/aiding dysfunctional & abused women and children. For more info go to


1) In line with GiG’s vision, the main focus is the prevention of youth and school goers to fall into clutches of drugs (prescription and illegal), ADHD, Bipolar, oppositional defiance, conduct disorder, not taking responsibility, no remorse for actions, defiance for actions, not adhering to boundaries, disobedience, rebellion, being negative, bitterness, believing they cannot attain a great future, having no hope etc

2) To trust the goodness and love of God to transform problem and negative children with behavioral problems etc into gentle natured and responsible individuals.


1) To have a group of permanent children who are called into ministry as a core or skeleton that will form the structure to aid those vulnerable to transform and aid them in their teaching as often these children are rebellious against authority and they need those alongside them to change their thinking, be in one mind and purpose. The teaching methods that will be used is the Montessori system together with Computers will aid those coming from Government and traditional schooling to maintain their progress with their schooling according to their syllabus.

2) To have children (pre-school, primary and secondary) come to GiG for schooling for a period of time (months) to be rehabilitated in their thinking and attitude, however with the main focus on transformation rather than academics. For those that need more intense work, to live-in on the property in one of the dormitories.

3) Parents to be involved, counselled and taught how to discipline their children and how to maintain permanent transformation. Both parents/s that are actively involved in parenting the child/ren from day to day, need to agree, interact, participate and attend meetings for the child/ren to be accepted. If both active parenting parent/s don’t agree, the child/ren will only be accepted if GiG becomes the parenting substitute. This the parents have to agree to and/or put in place by the court, else we will not accept the child/ren.

4) To have camps, weekly/monthly/bi-annual activities to maintain contact with children & parents, to maintain transformation and prevent deterioration of attitude and relationships and for them to help others and be equipped.

5) GiG’s Christian community on the premises will act as a support structure to assist the children & families as in a multitude of councillors there is wisdom.

GiG's Vision and Mission

Vision and purpose of God is Good (GiG)

1. To demonstrate and display the love of God in that He is LOVE and that Jesus was the very expression of love. To minister the very existence of Divine, unconditional love that is sacrificial and willing to act, do and display the Truth that words without works is (futile) dead. To minister that it was essential for Immanuel (God with us, Christ Jesus) to lay down His life for us to redeem us and pay the price, and also to demonstrate His Truth and love that He is. This fundamental and 1st objective is essential as man becomes the god he beholds, and if he indeed beholds God and Love as displayed in the manifested body of Jesus Christ, then man will be transformed into His image and be and act as man beholds a loving God and Father and Son (not a servant fulfilling an order out of order, instruction or fear).

2. To minister that all will be done and accomplished by the Holy Spirit of God. In that God Himself trusted His spoken word and His Holy Spirit to the extent that He was willing to be born as a man by His Holy Spirit to demonstrate the power and trust He had in His Spirit and His Word. That led by the Holy Spirit, that conceived Him, he would be blameless and perfect and find Himself in the Word (scriptures) and believe and attain to all He had before ordained and be resurrected and redeem man from the consequences and fate man had to bear from his own action by NOT believing in and on God. God had to do all this because He is love and because He is just. He could not attain all this by being God, but had to enter through the door of birth as you and I did and also to secure man in the power of His Holy Spirit that would transform each believer into His perfection.

3. Agree, Display and Minister the attributes and Character of God, especially His Mercy, His Love and His Way as led by His Spirit and Divine inspiration to one another and then to others as a group held together by His unconditional love and unchanging dedication to accepting Him as Master and Lord of all, submitting to Him continually. To minister and teach that God (Eloheem, Jehovah) is LOVE. To show that the Father, the Son (Word), and the Holy Spirit is three, but ONE and that They created us in Their image, although He (Jehovah, Yahweh) is one God. For unconditional love and trust to be demonstrated, the smallest number of family or unconditional harmony and trust need to exist, to teach and train us as He is the father of all. In the bible (scriptures) we see the relationship, harmony, unconditional trust displayed and we don’t see anger, jealousy or any negativity in their interaction with one another, but total loyalty, love, selflessness and oneness. Being created in the Image of God starts by becoming whole and one with Him, primarily in Spirit (by receiving His Spirit), and then becoming whole in oneself in Spirit, soul and body before any harmony or relationship can be established in oneness and unity with another human being. This is the building blocks of His body which He is the head of.

4. To build a community in which the love and character of God is evident so that others would believe when they behold the love the community members have for one another. The love would be evident in that they would work together and be in harmony to further the Kingdom of God without the law having to be brought into effect and without money (mammon) being god and being ruled by money (mammon) or law, but by love, grace and mercy.

5. For the community to be the body of Christ collectively so He may be glorified in that the community will be the temple of God (the church) and all good works be evident in that they do the works Jesus did not out of dead works, but as ordained and led by His Spirit. To restore relationship as currency instead of money and to bring about the love of Christ back into the world. To be an example to the world where words are heard and are void of action and people are seduced and manipulated by words rather than by discerning by actions. To teach Truth and discernment and to build and educate all that are willing in action and deed, especially those of the household of faith.

GiG’s Mission

1. Have a pre-school and school with Christian principals and Christ as the head. To equip and teach our own children, and for the parents to be involved and to be in agreement with the primary objectives of the ministry. For the children and parents that are in agreement with the ministry’s objectives to be in agreement that our children be trained from a young age to minister, teach and assist by the leading of the Holy Spirit to help other children and parents with problems (behavioural, learning problems or as ordained by God). For the school to take in and assist other children in the school or pre-school and as a body of Christ we will collectively minister and help them for a season or until they too will be in agreement to become one with the ministry’s objectives to serve, build aid and be a reflection of Christ.

2. Have a safe house and/or shelter to help orphans, children and people in distress and to aid and trust God for their salvation, restoration and deliverance from their ordeal. For them to be able to built into the temple of God bearing good fruit so that they can be able to be beneficial to society and not burdensome. To help them in what they are lacking in their foundation (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, educational) in order to bring heath, healing and transformation to them, their lives and their families.

3. To be able to help, aid and equip old people, families, widows or whomsoever that needs assistance due to circumstances in life or whatsoever. To build them into contributing, willing and grateful Christians that will be able to become a contributing member of the community or to be able to aid them to become contributing members of society and a part of the global body of Christ to continue to minister in action and in word by His Holy Spirit as led by His Spirit.

4. Take in sick, lost, fatherless, homeless, abused, afflicted, addicted people or other that need help and aid that are indeed willing to receive from God and to follow His ways wholeheartedly. To build, equip and even skill them so that they can become the very image and reflection of God and give Glory to Him in all they do. Also to help them to become self sufficient, contributing members of the community or of society instead of being a burden and draining in time, recourses, money etc. To be restored, upright and righteous by faith and not by works.

5. To duplicate Christ in people, the commission of GIG and the GiG community many times over as duplication of the oneness and harmony in Christ is the only success.

6. Have free Montessori pre-schools in our suburb, city, province, country and eventually in all the world. To train and educate the children in the way they should go and take responsibility for teaching the children who they are, so that when they are old they will not depart from it. In all to give glory to God, to equip, assist and minister by actions that indeed God is good, kind, love and merciful. For the children to be taught to BE as God IS because of WHO they ARE instead of being taught to act in a certain manner because of fear, reward or any other reason. The correct foundation will bring about a new generation that will believe and act according to who they believe they are and will not be disrupted or led astray by bad examples, teachers, parents or role models.

7. Have organised ’outings’ to schools, old age homes, shelters, prisons, orphanages, hospitals, mental homes, and other establishments created for the sick, needy, lost, abused and sorts for all Christians of different denominations, backgrounds, culture, race etc of different age groups to meet and mix. For couples, singles, kids, the aged and teens to meet and form relationships with likeminded Christians that are equally yoked and willing to sow their time, money, their name and effort, to minister to those forgotten, despised, lost and/or in need. To experience the love of God that frees those in captivity and to be equipped to minister and do every good work. For the body of Christ to come into action and for Christians to realise that because they believe and become willing to get involved to solve the problem and be part of the solution, God will give them His Spirit freely as He gives it to all that are willing to walk. As soon as we believe the son’s and daughters of God will be made manifest and the world will change by His Spirit working in a multitude of people that believe and have learnt to trust Him and acknowledge and hear His voice so He can ultimately be the head of all. As Christians we have the solution to everything IN US, but because of unbelief, we do not operate in the power or authority that God has given us. I trust His Spirit completely and believe His Word that all evil is meant for good for those that believe, so every bad and evil thing will ultimately bless me and all of those of the household of faith and remove those that are not of Him. We have not the spirit of fear, but of a sound mind and power and discipline, so we are able to do all things if we are in one accord. Christ in me, in you and in every Christian, is the hope of GLORY. This is our inheritance, the inheritance of every saint, and we claim what is ours for His Name sake, so that Christ may be glorified and come to His Kingdom that He established 2000+ years ago. For we have believed Him and taken authority according to His nature and by His spirit, by serving as our King taught us by His example to rule and reign and do good unto all, even when we are hated by those of the world, because we are good and do good.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

As our journey continues onward and forward- CHILDREN

Since my 'Addict" training season, God has taken me to new dimensions and greater understanding of His Life and purposes.

I was instructed to start with the 'little ones' and after praying for it and confessing it, God started it in June 2008. Yes we started as God sent 3 parents on one day desiring to send their little one's into our 'day care'.

This didn't surprise me one little bit. I obliged to bless them and we were on our way to do all that He had revealed and instilled in my heart.


God comes first

Firstly God taught me that the BEST education that I could give my child is a relationship with Him and the TRUTH of His love, mercy and unconditional love. This can not just be done through teaching, but also by action and example.

Children should be taught and should know how to communicate and that we show our love to one another by being willing to listen to one another. Furthermore the way a child shows his/her love to his/her parent is by being willing to listen to our words and doing what we have asked or according to our instruction. This is also so for us that are children of God (although we are not under the law, it is our response to His WORD that shows our love for Him).

Due to the above, God also showed me that as a mother, I had been given authority over my child and I was accountable to Him to ensure I facilitate my child into a relationship with Him as He was the CHIEF PARENT. I also could not put the responsibility on another's shoulders seeing He had given ME the revelation and I needed to be accountable to Him foremost. How could I put my child under the authority of another that did not know Him as I did and did not receive the revelation what gives life by faith (not by knowledge or law) .

Have Faith in Him for He will do all that He purposed

Secondly, God showed me that He had already instilled in every child all that they needed to be all He had called them to be. Just like a seed, all we need to do is prepare the soil (classroom), plant it, water it (give love) and make sure it gets sunlight (instruct and discipline), and the seed becomes the tree God had ordained. So, with children, we need to help them to find who they are and to be according to His character and nature instead of trying to get them to be what we would like them to be (according to our thoughts, purposes and/or desires). We need to TRUST God just like when we plant seed. We need to give what He had blessed us with back to HIM.

In order to do this, I need to spend time with the parents as well. They need to be in agreement and they need to be supportive and believe God and have faith in Him, as do I. God said He would send the children and parents to me.... I need not search for them. We need to all be in agreement that God is not a God of wrath, but that He is merciful and He does not punish, but He disciplines and we (His children) love His discipline and we run to Him and His throne of grace when we have done wrong. This is what we need to teach our children, and to teach this, we need to agree that we do NOT HIDE FROM HIM as Adam and Eve did, as He has already revealed Himself to us through Jesus Christ and all who were sick, heavy laden, sinful etc RAN to HIM.

Lay a proper foundation for them to know Who they ARE (as He is)

, a proper foundation of the truth and who god is and that we are as He is = love and the proper foundation and definition of love is important. We need our children to act out and live "who they are" instead of acting in a certain manner when we are there. Consistency in their nature of love needs to be instilled.

It is documented that Eli was a bad father and he never disciplined his sons, yet he did a great job in raising Samuel. The reason for this is HANNAH, the mother. She instilled the correct foundation in him and the scripture 'train a child up in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it' , rings so true.

If we follow God's ways, our children with the correct foundation, will remain good kids even with bad parents and teachers as examples. This is one of my reasons for wanting to offer free pre-schooling to the world. If we teach them to do according to who they are 'heartbelief' (as it is their nature) instead of it is what we expect them to do 'behaviour modification', we will raise up a new generation that need not be policed, but will act out of the belief of WHO THEY ARE.

Work with the source that will influence them and those they love

Fourth, we need to think a little wider and not be so narrow minded. If you believe that looking just after your own child, will keep him/her on the right track for the rest of his/her life, you are mistaken. Your child has social needs and you his/her friends will influence your child. Those children's heart beliefs and values were instilled by their parents, teachers and role models, their behaviour, their heart beliefs and actions. You need fellowship with your child's friends parents and you need to influence them in the correct manner (by building them in Christ and the TRUTH) if you are indeed concerned with your child's future. This will be an impossible task should they refuse the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore it is important that we AGREE on the TRUTH, that Jesus, the Son of God is the exact representation of God and He came to abolish the law and to free the captives by the receiving of His Holy Spirit.

Unless we can agree that God loves us unconditionally, that we are able (by receiving His Spirit as our source) to love our enemies and that ALL fear has been removed from us by His completed work, we have not the way of Jesus to come together and agree that we are FREE INDEED!

We need to fellowship and draw on one another's revelation of Christ as to edify and build the body of Christ.

Cruelty and expenential power

Fifth, it will indeed be very cruel to take a bird in a cage and show him the wonderful world and freedom and then deny him to be released and to be free. So, also, will it be very cruel of us if we teach our children the freedom we have in Christ, but we expect them to surrender and be under the yoke of parents, teachers, role models etc that are not sensitive to the Holy Spirit and that are NOT WILLING to submit under the Spirit of God in whatever form or through which person/child He chooses to manifest Himself.

It would be better if the bird just knew it's cage. it's restrictions and it did not desire freedom at all. So too will our children suffer as they grow in revelation and we restrain the Spirit of God to move and work in them to accomplish all He wills in them and we confind them to our reality and refuse them to walk in GREATER deeds, revelation and works than us by holding them captive to our fears, ideas, ideals and restrictions in this realm that we call reality.

Jesus said 'GREATER DEEDS THAN THIS WILL YOU DO', but the leaders have restrained and beaten the sheep of God due to fear & unbelief
- that others will take over their ministry,
- that God had called them and ordained them to lead,
- that they will loose their position,
- that they will loose the power they have over people
etc etc

just surrender to Him and He will lift you up and up and up.

If we teach the TRUTH, they will walk in consistency to their (also His) nature and they will not rebel, steal, rob or destroy, but they will build with us and together, in unity, without fear or manipulation (witchcraft), we will overcome all by LOVE.

WHEN TRUTH AND REALITY MEET, ONLY TRUTH REMAINS (REALITY HAS TO CHANGE). So, let it be for our childen, whom we love, if we indeed trust God and indeed love them.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Our Vision...

Our vision is to develop 'decentralised micro urban communities' which will operate as 'spiritual healing' centers as top priority.There are many positive and beneficial segments to this model which can be observed by reading our 'Project Proposal' by visiting the attached link:
GiG's Vision -

Desentralised Micro Urban Developments

Our MAIN OBJECTIVE is having people experience LOVE (or God, as He is LOVE).It is our testimony that people change when they experience the TRUTH...
something new, incomprehensible PEACE, which was established for every person by Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

As you take time to read and see the fruit of our labour, you WILL BE CONVINCED of the power of God through Jesus Christ and the power of the HOLY SPIRIT working in the lives of addicts. God brought us to those whom the world said could not change... People addicted and held captive and in bondage to substances which physically, mentally and emotionally enslaved them and could not be freed by medicine, doctrine, religion or any man made method or program.
We proclaim the TRUTH.

There is HOPE.
Join us and take time to go on an exciting discovery that as a mortal YOU CAN ENTER THE REALM OF IMMORTALLITY NOW and forever live! Open your heart to the incomprehensible and put your head under your heart....
Think with your HEART.

Listen with your HEART and let the MOST POWERFUL SPIRIT
- the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD -
speak, teach and direct you. He is present where you are... and He is available ALWAYS...
and He always has GOOD NEWS.

He always destroys yokes and removes burdens.
He is gentle and kind and will never ever leave of forsake you.
He is always for you and NEVER against you.
Take some time to get to know Him, for His yoke is light and His burden is easy.